The Apex POS For Your Business

Apex Card™ The Apex frontdesk™ For Your Retail or Virtual Online Business

With the Apex™ Point of Sale, Patented frontdesk™ Merchant System, We offer a Complete Accounting System, Patented Point of Conversion Reporting in (Real Time). With our Fast and Simple to Use Dashboard, Complete Product and Service Management with Integrated Card Service is Incredible. Sign Up Today!

 15%-30% OFF All Products Online* In Store and by The Web Purchases in Over 6,500 Authorized Dispensaries. Purchase Anything Hemp or Marijuana Related and Get MONSTA Rewards.

*Subject to legally approved states and license status availability  

 with Apex NFT Card Services™ You are within minutes of increasing your profits and customer retention by allowing them to pay you with Domestic Funds or even Cryptocurrency. It’s simple. We give you your funds in your local currency direct to your account within 24 Hours.. Guaranteed!*

Our New Integrated
Point of Sale System FOR VENDORS


Attention Merchants! Never get hung up again or delayed in paying someone or getting paid. Apex Card Services Point Of Sale Front Desk is the Answer to The Universal Question... "WHY Does it Take So Long To Get Paid?"

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