See What Apex Gold™
With Travel Discounts Can Do

See What Apex Gold Travel Discounts Can Do


Earn instant Real Money Rewards for referring new members and making Apex Card your everyday card. Our referral program gives you unlimited rewards, with money deposited directly into your account when you refer friends and family and use Apex Card as your preferred daily card. Our generous commission means that you can easily cover the cost of your membership fees and more.

Safeguarding Regulation 21 An electronic money institution must keep relevant funds segregated from any other funds that it holds. Card holder funds are segregated and held at Sponsor Member Bank for the purpose of payments by Issuers Cardmembers. Regulation 39 An electronic money issuer must: (a) on receipt of funds, issue without delay electronic money at par value; and (b) at the request of the electronic money holder, redeem (i) at any time; and (ii) at par value, the monetary value of the electronic money held. By Law, the Issuer cannot use any card holder funds for business operations. Clients that request their funds returned shall have their funds returned immediately by bank wire or check.  

 Apex Card Member Benefits

 Additional Protections For Members (in $USD) 

Travel Accident $500,000 

Delayed Luggage $2,500 

Delayed Flight $500 

Hospital Benefit $2,250 

Medical Expenses $5,000,000 

Travel Cancellation $17,500 

Best Price Protection $1,000 

Purchase Protection $20,000 

ATM Mugging $1,500 

Personal Belongings Mugging $1,000 

Luggage Cover for Travel Abroad $5,000 

Business Equipment $5,000 

Golf Equipment $5,000 

Personal Liability $1,000,000 

Card Fraud $150 

Wedding Cover $1,000 

World Elite Travel and Emergency Assistance

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